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Security Systems for Businesses

Cutting-edge security solutions for complete business protection

Most business owners nowadays understand the importance of cybersecurity, but many fail to consider the threat of more traditional, physical space criminals. Your property, server data, inventory, and employees are just some of the physical assets that require protection, and that’s where security systems come in.

To address these often overlooked areas, Networking Xperts has partnered with Apollo Private Security to provide innovative surveillance and protection systems tailored to your budget and distinct needs. With robust defenses in place, burglars will be discouraged and deterred from targeting your business. In case they do push their luck, Apollo’s security team monitors your systems around the clock and are always prepared to respond to emergencies.

Work in a safe atmosphere and secure company assets with potent, custom-made defenses.

Apollo’s security services include:

  • 24/7 emergency dispatch
  • Car and motorcycle patrols
  • Motorcycle patrols
  • Special events protection
  • Executive protection
  • Asset/site protection
  • Video monitoring
  • Round-the-clock surveillance
  • Standing Guards
  • Tailored options
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • CompTIA