Trucking & Transportation

Automation and integration solutions that get freight moving.

Load optimization

with simple, flexible ways to automate load building, route optimization, delivery scheduling, and more.

IFTA Fuel Reporting

tools to create automated reporting of distance, fuel bought and used, MPG attained, and refunds and credits.

Integrated Dispatch

with the ability to add dozens of vital functional modules, tailoring workflows to your unique operation.

Lane Analysis

lets you look at freight by lane & geographic zone for better analysis of empty miles, total miles, revenue miles, and more.

Mapping Tools

with high-precision GPS and the ability to locate all long-haul driver needs along the route.

Proactive Maintenance

including around-the-clock systems monitoring to make sure your network is never down.

Keep things moving

Technology is constantly changing the trucking and transportation industry. While much of the media has focused on the threats it poses to jobs central to the industry, the truth is that new IT is already presenting powerful solutions. More precise tracking tools create better data, which means better process analyses and new opportunities for improvement. Satellite GPS and unified communications keep drivers, dispatchers, and brokers in contact, which means fewer lost miles and safer hauls.

The challenges are real, but the opportunities are vast. It is increasingly critical that trucking and transportation companies take advantage of the technologies available today.

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