Clinical and financial workflow integration


with HIPAA, HITECH, and all other regulations regarding the EMR and PII you handle.

Data Backup & Recovery

so you always have access to your files, no matter what happens.


centralized imaging software reduces half-hour FMX procedures to less than five minutes.


business integration software merges clinical and financial processes into a single, efficient workflow.

Cloud Computing

gives practicioners anytime, anywhere access to patient data, on any device.


pricing that includes ongoing support and makes budgeting predictable and easy.

Effortless IT for a patient-focused practice

Networking Xperts is the trusted IT partner for dentists throughout the Central Valley. We know the unique needs of dental IT, and can help your practice stay compliant with data-handling regulations, work more efficiently with integrated clinical and financial processes, and minimize downtime with our around-the-clock monitoring. Our flat-fee pricing structure makes IT budgeting predictable and easy, and it incentivizes a proactive approach of preventing rather than reacting to problems. Of course, if something does come up, remote and on-site support are also included.

But perhaps the greatest benefit is also the least tangible: the freedom to ignore your IT and focus solely on patient care.

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