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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Take advantage of enterprise-class solutions at small-business rates

Business owners invest in cutting-edge software to stay ahead of the competition, but not all organizations have the financial resources to do so. Networking Xperts aims to level the playing field by eliminating the expensive costs of purchasing, licensing, and hosting programs.

Networking Xperts’s SaaS subscription gives you access to premium workplace applications, including collaboration and security solutions, as well as mobility management tools. We also offer custom deployment plans and planning services for easy migration.

Working with Networking Xperts ensures you never have to sacrifice other technology investments just to get a hold of first-class software.

Software as a Service by Networking Xperts includes:

  • Office productivity apps - reduce operational downtime by enabling your team to work in any location, using any device
  • Storage services - guarantee security of your business data with automated backups
  • Cloud security - utilize advanced defenses to thwart cyberattacks
  • Collaboration tools - boost efficiency with streamlined web and video conferencing, email, telephony, and instant messaging
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • CompTIA

HaaS Product Descriptions

PC Data Backup

Did you know that 60% of SMBs file for bankruptcy within 6 months after a data breach? Networking Xperts makes sure you’ll never become a statistic, by employing precautionary measures including data encryption and automated backups.

Server Data Backup

Data is the lifeline of your business, which is why lost data can lead to catastrophic consequences, even business closure. To prevent this, we monitor your systems 24/7 and store your files in geo-redundant data centers.